About This Blog

Hi, I’m Rose and I turned 13 in 2018, entering the world of teenagerdom. Reaching such a milestone made me wonder about the lessons I could learn from people who have already gone through their teenage years. Add in the fact that I’m interested in a future career in media, and the idea of this podcast was born.

“Talking Teenage Life” is a podcast with a teenager talking to adults about the lessons they’ve learnt and the stories their lives have told.

In each episode I will chatting to a different guest about their teenage life. I’ll be discovering where they were when they were a teenager, finding out about what they got up to in their teenage years and everything that they have done since.

I really hope to have a diverse range of guests on my podcast, I will be meeting people of all different ages, with backgrounds in sport, business, and the arts. We’ll talk about everything from parents, school, university, friends, careers, faith and relationships.

Some are my friends, people I’ve met or people who have influenced my life. You may not know their names but you will love to learn their story. And some of my guests will be more familiar to you having lived high profile lives in the public domain.

But no matter how famous they are or aren’t, what links every one of my guests is that they will each have a fascinating story to tell. It’s going to be my job to help you discover their story with me.

I promise that I’ll keep each interview as different and fascinating as each of my guests, but I also guarantee that I’m going to be asking every single guest my one key question:

“What would you tell your teenage self?”

We get just 7 years to be a teenager but those 7 years can have such an influence on the rest of our lives that follow. I really hope that my podcast will help those of you, who like me, have those 7 years still to live and who want to make the best of them.

But I also hope that this podcast will be just as useful and engaging for those of you who have already lived your teenage lives and are continuing to tell your own life story just like my guests.

I really hope you find something that inspires you from each conversation.

So, please, whatever your age, whatever your reason, subscribe to “Talking Teenage Life!”